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For those we serve

We will promote

  • Self-determination
  • Independence
  • Advocacy
  • Choice
  • Positive Behavior supports
  • Choice of supports
  • Voice in agency decisions regarding how the agency can best support them
  • Being a part of their community

For the families

We will promote

  • Involvement in decision-making
  • Advisory participation
  • Involvement in selection of staff
  • Open communication
  • Resolution regarding concerns
  • Listening to and accepting feedback from families
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For our staff

We will promote

  • Valuing staff for their contributions
  • Support to staff in whatever is needed
  • Listen to staff
  • Communicate with staff
  • Respect for staff
  • Fair compensation for staff
  • Consistent expectations
  • Pride in being an employee Steadfast Support Services
  • Accountability

For our Funders

We will promote

  • Service delivery that makes sense to the individuals we support
  • Being good stewards of funds
  • Thoughtful consideration of services
  • Prioritizing good lives for people supported
  • Creativity and innovation in service delivery
  • Being open to new challenges
  • Consistency
  • Responsiveness

Our process

At the core, decisions are made with the person served as the priority, and the people supported are only as happy and healthy as the people supporting them.